• Diversity (n. - /də-ˈvər-sə-tē/)

    The quality of being diverse or different.

  • Synergy (n. - /ˈsinərjē/)

    The interaction or cooperation of two or more
    organizations, substances, or other agents to
    produce a combined effect greater than the sum
    of their separate effects

  • Partnership (n. - /ˈpärtnərˌSHip/)

    An association of two or more people as partners

  • Inspire (v. - /inˈspī(ə)r/)

    Fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do
    or feel something

  • Excellence (n. - /ˈeksələns/)

    The quality of being outstanding or extremely good.

  • Integrity (n. - /inˈtegritē/)

    The quality of being honest and having
    strong moral principles; moral uprightness

  • Collaboration (n. - /kəˌlabəˈrāSHən/)

    The action of working with someone to produce
    or create something.

  • Leadership (n. - /ˈlēdərˌSHip/)

    The action of leading a group of people,
    a community or an organization


Monthly Social
10/22/2015 5:30PM

    November's YLA Social will be November 12 at World of Beers, 3252 West 7th Street. It's from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. and FREE to YLA MEMBERS.

    Special thanks to our sponsor Whitley Penn!

    Free to YLA  members. If you haven't renewed your YLA dues or joined, make sure you get that done!


Monthly CLE Luncheon
10/20/2015 11:45AM

There will be NO Monthly CLE in November or December. The next YLA Monthly Luncheon will be Tuesday, January 19 at Reata. Watch for details on the program.

Have a wonderful Holiday Season!